iPROS24 Google Translate – Advanced usage

Notes on advanced usage of iPROS24 Google Translate plugin.


    Using the shortcode

    You can use the shortcode for better control of widget placement and styles.

    [ipros24_google_translate attribution="white" show-language-codes="1"]

    The default is

    [ipros24_google_translate attribution="color" show-language-codes="0"]

    Attribution styles supported: color, grayscale, white, none.


    In this example we embed the widget in a paragraph and change its background color.

    Using the custom event

    Plugin and theme developers can hook to a custom jQuery event to perform some actions after the page has been translated. This can be used e.g. to adjust element styles and positioning.


    $ (window).on ("ipros24-translated", function ()	{
    	$ (window).trigger ("resize");

    Notes on security

    Using external scripts on your site is always a security risk. If this is a concern do not check Translate Administration panel and Translate Login page options in the plugin settings.

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