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iPROS24 WordPress plugins.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular website management and blogging system in use, supporting more than 60 million websites.


    iPROS24 Google Translate plugin

    • Allows to translate your website content to many languages.
    • Includes a sidebar widget with flags.
    • Includes a shortcode for better control of widget placement and styles.
    • Allows to translate login page and administration panel.
    • Has basic support for RTL languages.
    • Triggers a custom event after the page has been translated.
    • Sets WordPress locale to the selected language.

    NB: Deactivate the plugin before changing the site language.

    Advanced usage and examples

    iPROS24-google-translate-1.10.zip364 KBaccc33c39961e0e8b55e28c398ff751f

    iPROS24 Notices plugin

    • Allows to show notices on your WordPress site.
    • Comes with a number of built-in conditions for displaying the notices.
    • Supports extensible set of custom conditions.
    • Includes a shortcode for personalising the notices.
    • Supports password protected notices.
    • Has basic support for RTL languages.

    Built-in conditions

    • User logged in/logged out.
    • Cookies enabled/disabled.
    • JavaScript enabled/disabled.
    • Browser supported/not supported.

    You may select any combination of built-in and custom conditions for displaying a notice.

    Advanced usage and examples

    iPROS24-notices-1.6.1.zip495 KB2ae44fe868941c22e3e2745cf097149e

    iPROS24 Fixpack plugin

    • Fixes URL encoding bug in the following core functions: wp_get_attachment_url, image_get_intermediate_size, image_downsize.
    • Fixes URL encoding bug in wp_logout_url.

    NB: This plugin may break 3rd party code e.g. Jetpack, which also uses image_downsize filter to override the core function.

    iPROS24-fixpack-1.6.zip49 KB05ea1fbab6f538d0bce24d755844eaa8

    iPROS24 SN Login plugin

    • Allows your visitors to login and register with a number of popular social networks.
    • Enables your visitors to share content on these social networks.
    • Includes a sidebar widget with the login form.
    • Supports Single Sign On (SSO) with your WordPress site as an SAML 2.0 Identity Provider (IdP).
    • Supports multiple Service Providers (SP).
    • Supports Single Logout (SLO) from multiple Service Providers.

    Installing plugins

    • Download the plugin.
    • Extract the plugin into the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory.
    • Activate the plugin in WordPress administration panel.
    • Configure the plugin if needed.

    If the plugin does not work as expected, read the WordPress plugin guide:

    Managing plugins


    WordPress plugins

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