SQL Frogge

SQL Frogge - Windows

Web-interface for MySQL database administration. Demo, packages for Enterprise Linux.

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system which is a central part of the LAMP web application software stack.


    • Many frequently used operations are supported by the UI.
    • Allows you to manage DB users and privileges.
    • Has the ability to execute any SQL statement.
    • A suitable query result can be instantly displayed as a chart.
    • Permits you to edit several rows in a compact table.
    • Supports exporting selected rows in SQL format.
    • Enables you to monitor DBMS performance metrics.
    • Includes a simple DOM browser.

    SQL Frogge demo

    • Close the popup after successful login.

    Generic distribution

    SQLFrogge-1.3.4.zip5 MB937b2cdf25d6acfaa372550da99d188e

    Packages for Enterprise Linux

    frogge-1.3.4-3.el6.noarch.rpm4 MBdefd48c8b93efa21a612eaecededdcf9
    frogge-1.3.4-3.el7.noarch.rpm4 MB3b0dbf404ac6530b7e3cd716e501a956
    • Unpack the archive under your webserver’s document root.
    • Ensure the installed files have appropriate permissions. Verify that cache subdirectory is writable by the webserver.
    • Edit share/etc/User.inc.php and applications/admin/etc/User.inc.php to change the defaults.

    SQL Frogge forum

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